Kevin Hern


Kevin Hern

Oklahoma - 1st District - R


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Relevant Bills

CBO Score Bill Name Date
$9 Million
S. 3029: Prematurity Research Expansion and Education for...

S. 3029 would amend provisions of the Public Health Service Act that authorize the Centers...

July 23, 2018
$7 Million
S. 1520: Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Ac...

S. 1520 would allow the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to make grants to...

May 25, 2018
$6 Million
S. 756: FIRST Step Act

This bill became the vehicle for passage of the FIRST Step Act, the Senate's criminal...

December 13, 2018
$5 Million
S. 2276: GAO-IG Act

This bill requires each federal agency, in its annual budget justification, to include a report on:...

June 21, 2018
$2 Million
S. 1862: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization A...

This bill amends the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to modify: (1) the criteria...

October 24, 2018
$1 Million
S. 245: Indian Tribal Energy Development and Self-Determi...

A bill to amend the Indian Tribal Energy Development and Self Determination Act of 2005...

November 27, 2018


Kevin Hern is a Representative from Oklahoma. Born on December 4, 1961, he earned his B.S. from Arkansas Tech University and his M.B.A. from University of Arkansas Little Rock in 1999. He was a computer programmer, real estate broker, farmer, and entrepreneur before being appointed to the 115th Congress by the Governor of Oklahoma to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of United States Representative Jim Bridenstine. He was subsequently elected to the 116th Congress.

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Upcoming Bills

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  • Provides appropriations to several federal agencies for implementing the USMCA.

  • Strengthens programs authorized under the Debbie Smith Act of 2004.

  • Establishes a reserve component of the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS). The reserve component would consist of health professionals who would be responsible for providing PHS with additional capacity during public health and national emergencies. The reservists would undergo routine...

  • Amends the Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism Act of 2000, the Buy Indian Act, and the Native American Programs Act of 1974 to provide industry and economic development opportunities to Indian communities.

  • Amends the Public Health Service Act to revise and extend the poison center network program.

  • Provides for equitable compensation to the Spokane Tribe of Indians of the Spokane Reservation for the use of tribal land for the production of hydropower by the Grand Coulee Dam, and for other purposes.



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