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Why It Matters

Nearly every elected official and candidate promises to spend the people's money responsibly, but a $21 trillion debt and historically high spending shows that these promises are usually forgotten. We believe that accountability matters, so we created to reveal who is voting for what – as it happens.

How It Works

Members of Congress take countless votes every year, many of which add new spending. automatically aggregates the new spending contained in each bill, according to official estimates, to create each Member of Congress's total "number" based on what they have voted for. For more information about how we arrive at our estimates, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Our Mission

The Institute for Spending Reform engages in and promotes rigorous academic research and scholarship on the subject of federal spending and budgeting.

The Coalition to Reduce Spending advocates for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget.

Both seek to create a national, nonpartisan dialogue on the cause of our generation.