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CBO Score Bill Name Date
H.R. 7575: Water Resources Development Act of 2020

Authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to construct projects and conduct feasibility studies to improve navigation and flood management, mitigate storm and hurricane damage, and restore ecosystems. Section 140 would...

July 29, 2020View
$394 Million
H.R. 4248: Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act Ame...

Reauthorizes the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund fees and expands the payments from the fund for abandoned coal mine cleanups. Specifically, the bill authorizes the Department of the Interior to...

July 28, 2020View
H.R. 6192: 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act

Authorizes the U.S. Mint to produce two $1 silver coins to honor the 100th anniversary of the date when production of the “Morgan Dollar” ceased and production of the “Peace...

July 28, 2020View
$245 Million
H.R. 2795: Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019

Authorizes appropriations totaling $355 million over the 2020-2025 period for federal agencies to designate wildlife corridors on federal and tribal land and waters, and to provide grants to states and...

July 27, 2020View
$4.9 Billion
H.R. 2579: Hardrock Leasing and Reclamation Act of 2019

Establishes a hardrock mineral leasing program on Western federal land; levies royalties, rents, and other fees on hardrock mineral development on federal land, and requires that 25 percent of amounts...

July 27, 2020View
$54.6 Billion
H.R. 7617: Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2021

Provides FY2021 appropriations for Defense, Commerce, Justice, Science, Energy and Water Development, Financial Services and General Government, Homeland Security, Labor, HHS, Education, Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development.

July 27, 2020View
$1 Million
S. 3681: Restoring Safety in the Skies Act of 2020

Requires the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Transportation to form a joint task force on the operation of air travel...

July 27, 2020View
$1 Million
S. 2894: Federal Maritime Commission National Shipper Adv...

Requires the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to establish the National Shipper Advisory Committee to advise the FMC on matters related to the system for delivering international ocean freight. The 24-member...

July 27, 2020View
$47 Million
S. 2802: Marine Mammal Research and Response Act of 2019

Reauthorizes and amends the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. The bill authorizes the appropriation of $8.5 million annually over the 2020-2025 period for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

July 23, 2020View
$750 Thousand
S. 3729: Motor Carrier Safety Grant Relief Act of 2020

Provides relief for recipients of financial assistance awards for FY2019 and FY2020 from the Department of Transportation (DOT). The bill expands the period of availability during which grant recipients may...

July 23, 2020View
H.R. 4761: DHS Opioid Detection Resilience Act of 2019

Establishes new requirements related to the detection of illicit narcotics at ports of entry. Specifically, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must implement a strategy to ensure chemical screening devices...

July 23, 2020View
$14 Million
H.R. 2733: Savanna's Act

Directs the Department of Justice (DOJ) to review, revise, and develop law enforcement and justice protocols to address missing and murdered Native Americans. The bill requires DOJ to take...

July 23, 2020View
$5 Million
H.R. 7573: To direct the Joint Committee on the Library t...

Provides for the removal of certain statues and a bust from display in the Capitol. The bill directs the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) to remove the bust of Roger...

July 22, 2020View
$8.7 Billion
H.R. 7608: Department of State, Foreign Operations, and R...

Provides FY2021 appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs. The bill provides appropriations to the State Department for Administration of Foreign Affairs...

July 21, 2020View
$49.5 Billion
H.R. 7027: Child Care Is Essential Act

Establishes and provides $50 billion in appropriations for the Child Care Stabilization Fund to award grants to child care providers during and after the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) public...

July 17, 2020View

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