All bills that have been scored by the CBO


CBO Score Bill Name Date
$2 Million
S. 1342: Great Lakes Environmental Sensitivity Index Act ...

Requires the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to update at least once every seven years its environmental sensitivity index products for each coastal area of the Great Lakes. An environmental...

August 02, 2019View
$1 Million
S. 149: Stop Senior Scams Act

Establishes a Senior Scams Prevention Advisory Council, which shall create model educational materials to educate employees of retailers, financial-services companies, and wire-transfer companies on how to identify and prevent scams that affect seniors.

August 02, 2019View
$44 Million
H.R. 3710: Cybersecurity Vulnerability Remediation Act

Authorize the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to disseminate information to the public about vulnerabilities in the software and hardware of information systems. The bill also would authorize DHS to...

August 01, 2019View
$1 Million
H.R. 3669: Weatherizing Infrastructure in the North and T...

Requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct an exercise to test whether DHS and local officials are prepared to respond to the effects of a terrorist attack that...

August 01, 2019View
$50 Million
H.R. 150: Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Trans...

Requires the Office of Management and Budget, jointly with the executive department that issues the most federal grant awards, to: (1) establish government-wide data standards for information reported by grant recipients, (2)...

July 25, 2019View
S. 2071: Repealing Existing Substandard Provisions Encour...

Repeals certain obsolete laws relating to Indians.

July 25, 2019View
$366 Million
S. 1211: Addressing Underdeveloped and Tribally Operated ...

Provides for improvements to Tribal transportation facilities and Tribal transportation safety, and for other purposes.

July 25, 2019View
$5 Million
S. 1419: Early Participation in Regulations Act of 2019

Requires agencies to publish an advance notice of proposed rule making for major rules.

July 25, 2019View
$15 Million
S. 1309: Combating Global Corruption Act of 2019

Identifies and combats corruption in countries, to establish a tiered system of countries with respect to levels of corruption by their governments and their efforts to combat such corruption, and...

July 25, 2019View
$11.5 Million
S. 174: Securing Energy Infrastructure Act

Establishes a two-year pilot program within the Department of Energy's (DOE)national laboratories to (1) identify thesecurity vulnerabilities of certain entities in the energy sector, and (2)evaluate technology that can be...

July 25, 2019View
$12.8 Trillion
S. 1877: Government Shutdown Accountability Act

Establishes procedures and consequences in the event of a failure to complete regular appropriations.

July 25, 2019View
$30 Million
H.R. 3409: Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2019

Authorizes appropriations for the Coast Guard, and for other purposes.

July 24, 2019View
$206 Million
H.R. 2528: STEM Opportunities Act of 2019

Directs the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy to carry out programs and activities to ensure that Federal science agencies and institutions of higher education receiving Federal...

July 24, 2019View
$165 Million
S. 1052: Rare Earth Element Advanced Coal Technologies Act

Requires the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy to create a program for the development of advanced separation technology to extract and recover rare earth elements and minerals from...

July 24, 2019View
$1 Billion
H.R. 549: Venezuela TPS Act of 2019

Addresses the migration of Venezuelan nationals by permitting them to qualify for temporary protected status, which prevents their removal from the United States and allows them to obtain employment and...

July 23, 2019View

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